Following Nena in the USA

Welcome to the USA Nena Fan Site.  Since the 1980s, Nena has been known mostly in the U.S. from the 1982 hit, 99 Luftballons. 

Who can forget Nena in jacket and jeans  strolling through the exploding bombs, while Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen wailed on the keyboard backed with Carlo Karges' on the guitar. 

While that is one of our favorite performances, there is much more to Nena than that memorable MTV video.  For over thirty years Nena and her evolving band have toured and inspired European audiences with music that lifts and rocks. 

In the USA, talent and consistent performance are recognized and Nena is a world performer who is becoming more recognized in the Americas.  We don't know how many fans there are in the USA, but this site is dedicated to keeping those fans connected and developing new fans.

In a media world where incessant babble about silly habits of superstars (real and media-imagined) abound, here is an artist who simply keeps singing and performing.  And, she's just a nice grown-up lady rocker! Her band, voice and songs are rich with feeling and a strong connection to the human spirit.  From Rette Mich to Geheimis, once you start listening you will want to hear Nena over and over.

In case you didn't see the Bio elsewhere, there is a good one at Wikipedia - .

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